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Adam Weiner + Associates is a top-tier team of real estate agents in Chaplin Estates, specializing in new constructions and re-sales across Toronto. Our agents offer in-depth insight into market trends and property values to guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience.

The best Toronto real estate agent in Chaplin Estates knows that finding the perfect home is a unique and personal experience for every buyer, and our well-rounded agents create a comfortable, collaborative environment to make every client feel like a priority.

Andrew Weiner + Associates will help you discover Chaplin Estates and what it has to offer. Our agents go above and beyond to ensure you never have to settle for a home that’s less than perfect.

Welcome to Chaplin Estates

This distinguished neighbourhood has always been one of Toronto’s most exclusive addresses. Homeowners enjoy convenient access to quality public and private schools, shopping, parks and recreation, and close proximity to public transit at Eglinton or Davisville.

The stunning Beltline Trail runs through the bottom of the area, provides access to beautiful trails, and is popular with runners, walkers, and cyclists.

Whether you’re looking for a historic house with charm or an innovative and sleek new build, trust our Chaplin Estate real estate agents to find you the perfect place to call home.

Explore Chaplin Estates Homes

Whether your tastes run transitional or modern, Chaplin Estates offers a mix of both smartly appointed and detailed transitional homes with generous lots. While homes may be simple and often unassuming from the exterior, they command attention once inside.

Each two and three-storey detached house is situated on a premium lot with a private driveway. These unique homes were built in the 1920’s and 1930s and included many fine examples of Tudor, Georgian, and English Cottage style architecture.

Chaplin Estates Schools

Our clients are searching for communities that offer quality education and opportunities for their families. Chaplin Estates offers several public, private, and boarding schools to help buyers prioritize their must-haves.

  • Oriole Park Jr., 80 Braemar Avenue, (416) 393-5215
  • North Toronto Collegiate Institute, 730 Eglinton Avenue West, (416) 393-1860
  • Bishop Strachan School, 298 Lonsdale Road, (416) 483-4325
  • Clement’s School, 21 St. Clement’s Avenue, (416) 484-4835
  • Upper Canada College, Upper School, 200 Lonsdale Road, (416) 488-1125
  • Upper Canada College Prep School, 220 Lonsdale Road, (416) 488-1125

Chaplin Estates Transit

This charming neighbourhood is conveniently located in the city’s Midtown neighbourhood, appealing to a wide variety of potential buyers.

Chaplin Estates offers easy access for residents looking for a luxury community, with proximity to the excitement and amenities in Downtown Toronto.

Residents can walk to multiple bus stops along Yonge Street, Eglington Avenue, Chaplin Crescent, and Oriole Parkway. The Davisville and Eglington subway stations are only a few blocks from your doorstep to access the downtown core or the city’s north end.

Chaplin Estates Amenities

Residents can enjoy a variety of enticing amenities to suit every lifestyle. The nearby Eglinton Way shopping district, for one, is located along Eglington Avenue West and features a range of local boutiques, established brands and gourmet food shops.

Food lovers can dine at one of the many restaurant options in the neighbourhood’s shopping district or along Yonge Street, ranging from brunch spots to the best sushi in Midtown.

Residents looking to get outdoors can enjoy time at Oriole Park, which features a water play area, sensory musical features, Braille panels, and an enclosed climbing merry-go-round.

Work With Specialized Chaplin Estates Realtors

Chaplin Estates is one of the city’s most desired neighbourhoods, thanks to its quality residential homes, family-friendly streets, and variety of amenities to suit all ages. To find a home in this neighbourhood’s competitive market, you need a real estate agent in Chaplin Estates that you can trust.

For over 10 years, Adam Weiner + Associates realtors have provided concierge-level services to our clients from the moment they enter our Avenue Road office. We understand the nuances of buying a house. Your real estate agent will work closely with you to find a property that not only fits your budget but one that truly feels like home.

Our services are tailored to each client’s unique needs for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chaplin Estates Real Estate

Is Chaplin Estates a good place to live?

This trendy Toronto neighbourhood is known as a luxurious place to call home, with charming estates, tree-lined streets, and an authentic community feel.

Renowned as a luxurious residential neighbourhood, its character homes sit on well-manicured lots and are secluded from the noise of the city’s main city roads. Families and pet owners can enjoy the areas of greenery around Chaplin Estates, including Kay Gardner Beltline Park.

There are more than 50 restaurants to enjoy in the area alongside a range of local and established shops and boutiques. Its transit opportunities allow residents to access various parts of the city with ease, whether they need to head north along Yonge Street or south to the Waterfront.

Our Chaplin Estate real estate agents know this neighbourhood like the back of their hands and will bring their expertise and insights to every showing and client interaction. We ensure you’re getting the perfect home at a fair market value.

How many people live in Chaplin Estates?

There are approximately 4900 residents in this neighbourhood, ranging from married couples, young families, and single working professionals.

When you work with an agent from Adam Weiner + Associates, you can feel confident knowing you’re only looking at homes that fit your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget. We’ve worked with clients of varying ages and professions across the city. We understand how to find the right home in the right area.

Should I move to Chaplin Estates?

If you’re looking for a family-friendly neighbourhood that combines functionality with luxury, our real estate agents in Chaplin Estates can help you find the perfect home for your family.

Chaplin Estates is an optimal area for families and young professionals alike. Its pristine homes and landscaping offer exceptional curb appeal while still being accessible to the excitement of the downtown core.

The area is lined with character homes that have increased in demand in recent years. Buyers are looking for serene residential neighbourhoods with pockets of green space and a range of amenities, and this neighbourhood delivers in spades.

What kind of homes are found in Chaplin Estates?

The homes in the area are primarily two and three-storey detached homes, which sit on pristine lots with private driveways.

Most of these homes were built in the 1920s and 30s in various architectural styles, including Tudor, Georgian, and English Cottage.

What are the boundaries of Chaplin Estates in Toronto?

Chaplin Estates is an area of Toronto that is bordered by Yonge Street, Chaplin Crescent, Avenue Road, and Eglington Avenue.

Our team of real estate agents are experts in Toronto neighbourhoods and specialize in helping buyers find the perfect property in Chaplin Estates. We’ll work diligently to find a home that meets your requirements and is in your desired area.

What is Chaplin Estates known for?

Chaplin Estates is known primarily for its real estate, specifically its historic character homes from the 1920s and 30s. Each home sits on a manicured lot with access to a private driveway on quiet, family-friendly residential streets.

The Neshama Playground at Oriole Park is the area’s premier park and offers sensory musical features, a water play area, Braille panels, an enclosed climbing merry-go-round and bounce pad, and accessible swings and play structures.

Residents frequent The Eglinton Way shopping district for their shopping needs, whether they’re looking for gourmet food items or one of the many restaurants in the area.

What is the Chaplin Estates real estate market?

The real estate market in Chaplin Estates is growing each year, as buyers are eager for well-constructed and historic homes in quiet, family-friendly neighbourhoods.

While detached homes range from two to four bedrooms, the growing number of apartment buildings is another significant draw of the neighbourhood for young professionals looking for affordable options.

An Adam Weiner + Associates Chaplin Estates real estate agent will utilize the full scope of their network and industry connections to ensure you get the best possible deal on your dream home.

Does Adam Weiner + Associates sell homes in Chaplin Estates?

We’re proud to be the leading team of real estate agents in Chaplin Estates with many years of experience and client satisfaction under our belts. Our collaborative approach to real estate allows our agents to utilize their extensive network and work closely with our colleagues to ensure we get the best possible deal for our buyers.

We understand the nuances of Toronto’s growing neighbourhoods and what buyers are looking for in their homes. Our team will work around the clock to ensure every detail of the process is taken care of, so you can focus on envisioning your family in a Chaplin Estates home.

What services do Adam Weiner + Associates offer in Chaplin Estates?

Our Chaplin Estate real estate agents offer a wide range of services and solutions to buyers across the city. From the moment they enter our Avenue Road office, each client becomes our number one priority.

We work diligently to prepare a list of open houses and showings in the neighbourhood to help you get a feel for the area and the type of homes on the market. We’ll work with our colleagues to negotiate a fair price for the home you’re interested in while continuing to answer your questions about the real estate process.

Our services are personalized to each client to ensure a unique experience from start to finish. Your Chaplin Estate real estate agent is available morning and night for your convenience and peace of mind. Whether you need to see more homes before deciding, or you have questions about inspections and contracts, we’re here to help.

How can I work with a Chaplin Estates realtor at Adam Weiner + Associates?

If you’re looking for a qualified real estate agent in Chaplin Estates, trust the team at Adam Weiner + Associates. Our experienced agents know the nuances of today’s real estate market and will work closely with their colleagues to ensure you get the best possible price.

We’ll help you find the home of your dreams. Visit our Avenue Road office, give us a call, or send us an email to get started.

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